Prudential Life Insurance Company Review

Prudential Financial has been one of the top life insurance companies for the last several decades.  This review of Prudential life insurance is here to help you understand why we rate it as one of our best life insurance companies.  If you came looking to get quotes you can use the form on the side of this page and you can learn more about who we rate as the best life insurance companies HERE.

The History of Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential has an extraordinarily long history and there is even a book about it, Three Cents a Week, which refers to the cost of the premiums at one point in their history.  Started in 1875, it was originally named the Widows and Orphans Friendly Society.  John F. Dryden was the founder and it originally sold only a single product, burial insurance.  Dryden continued to lead the company until 1912.  Just previous to this time the company began to make huge profits with industrial life insurance.  The company has remained pretty much the same throughout its history, adding new lines of insurance and investment options.  The only major change was shifting from a mutual insurance company (the customers own the company) to a joint stock company (owned by the stockholders).  The company first appeared on the New York Stock Exchange on December 13, 2001.

Ratings for Prudential Life Insurance Company

For all of the companies we recommend we always look at the AM Best rating for financial health.  These ratings are independent and are the gold standard of ratings for insurance companies. Prudential receives an A+ rating which ranks as Superior.  This puts them at the top of all insurance companies for financial stability.  We do internal rankings on customer service and Prudential receives five out of five stars.  This means they have a great track record with our customers in dealing with any questions and in paying out all claims.  We have had amazing success with this company and continue to recommend them when they are the right fit for our clients.

At we strive to match you with the best life insurance company and policy for your needs.  This means we only shop the best companies and make sure that you are getting a policy matched to your individual needs.  Whether Prudential is the right company for you is determined by what you are trying to accomplish with life insurance and whether they have the right price and insurance offering.   If you have any questions feel free to contact us or if you are ready to get started with a set of life insurance quotes use the form on the side of this page.

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