Life Insurance for People Over 60

Life insurance is always the least expensive when you buy it at a young age. But what if you over 60 years old and need life insurance? While life insurance will no doubt be more expensive for anyone over 60, there are options that they can use to get the coverage they need.

What are the life insurance options?

life insurance policies for people over 60While you can get term life insurance in your 60’s you will need to be under 65 and can only get insurance for a term of 10 years. This is a great option if you are within the 60-64 age range, but if you don’t qualify for this type of over 60 life insurance you do have options.

  • Final Expense Life Insurance – This specialized life insurance is designed to help with covering the cost of a burial and funeral. These plans are specifically designed to keep your family from any financial burden for these preparations.
  • No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Instead of having to go through the hoops of a medical examination you can just fill out a questionnaire. These policies tend to be slightly more expensive but the company is covered if you were to lie on the questionnaire.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – Guaranteed plans can be very expensive because there is no medical exam and no health questions. They are the most expensive form of over 65 life insurance because the company has to compensate for not being able to do any underwriting other than age.

With any of these types of policies you can get a reasonable amount of life insurance for a reasonable price.  While you cannot get the same amounts of life insurance as a traditional term life policy you can get enough to cover burial expenses, debts you may have, or general financial responsibilities that your heirs may have to take up on your behalf.  No matter what type of policy you get you want to make sure that you get the absolute best rates.

How do I get the best rates on over 60 life insurance?

The simplest way to get a great rate on your senior life insurance is to work with an expert in this type of insurance. What sets our specialists apart is that we are an independent agency. This means that we can shop all of the companies that offer the best rates for life insurance. Instead of blindly going through the different companies and talking to agent after agent, we are able to shop all the best life insurance companies and look at all the different types of life insurance over 60 policies. At we specialize in over 60 and over 70 life insurance. If you are ready to get started with a set of life insurance quotes then use the form on this page and one of our life insurance specialists will help you with a great set of quotes.

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