Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

Finding affordable life insurance for tobacco users can be difficult if you are not aware of how to get the best rates.  This article will look at how to get the best tobacco life insurance rates, but if you came looking to get personal help or a set of quotes then use the form on the side of this page.

The Type of Tobacco Matters

The type of tobacco you are using makes a HUGE difference in how a life insurance company will see you.  Smokers are always put on the bottom rung for life insurance rates.  Because smokers are treated so differently than the rest of tobacco users we work specifically with that group and have another article on life insurance for smokers HERE.  While smokers get the short end of the stick, other types of life insurance for tobacco users can be very affordable.  Once you get past the category of being a smoker, it really comes down to finding the right life insurance company for you.

Choose your Tobacco Life Insurance Company Carefully

Each life insurance company will treat the use of tobacco differently.  Some companies will lump you into the smoking category if you take any type of tobacco.  Others will give you preferred ratings if you use any type of tobacco other than smoking  tobacco.  This is why so many tobacco users work with us to secure their life insurance policy.  So if you are looking for chewing tobacco life insurance, you can get the same rates as a person that does not use life tobacco.  Since we specialize in working with tobacco users we know the companies that will work best with your specific type of tobacco use and get the best rates for your life insurance policy.

Working with an Independent Agent to get Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

Independent agents are insurance agents that do not work for any one single insurance company.  Instead they contract with just about any insurance company.  This means, when you work with an independent agent to look at quotes for tobacco life insurance, your agent is more worried about finding an insurance policy that works for you instead of trying to fit your personal situation into the coverage that their company has in place.

At we work with you to find the absolute best rates from the best companies in your area.  So whether you drink, smoke, or chew, or date girls who do, we can make sure you get the best rate for a life insurance for tobacco users policy.

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