Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users

Finding reasonable rates on life insurance for chewing tobacco users is not an impossible quest.  In fact by working with the right agent you can get great rates on chewing tobacco life insurance.  We are going to look at some of the common questions that we get from chewing tobacco and snuff users, but if you are familiar with what can help you get the best rates then you can get quotes by filling out the form on this page.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test for Chewing Tobacco?

The quick answer is yes.  The truth is that they are testing for two specific chemicals; nicotine and cotinine.  Both of these chemicals are present naturally in all forms of tobacco.  Nicotine will only last in your system for a short period of time.  Cotinine, on the other hand, lasts for about a week so it is a more accurate measurement.   What they are really testing for is cigarette use, but they cast a wide net to get as many people into that high risk category.  This is why it is so important to work with an agency who is used to getting good chewing tobacco life insurance rates, to avoid the high risk category.

Do all Companies Treat Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco Users the Same?

Not at all!  Each company rates people differently based off of their information.  Some companies are very strict on chew users while others don’t consider it a problem at all, as long as you do not smoke cigarettes.  Because we have specialists who only do life insurance for chewing tobacco and other tobacco users, we know the best life insurance companies for your type of tobacco product.  This means we know exactly which company will give you the best rates for your tobacco use.  This also applies to smoker’s life insurance where we keep a file of companies that look upon smoking in the best light.

Are there Ways to get Better Rates?

Just like any life insurance policy you can get lower rates by making some lifestyle changes.  Keep your weight, blood pressure, and health in general in good standing and you will get lower rates.  All these factors contribute to how you are rated.  If you do end up quitting the use of tobacco products then you should get new rates done after one year.  Many companies will give you non-tobacco rates once you have reached that one year mark.  So the better your ratings the lower your life insurance for chewing tobacco users.

At Life insurance 360, our goal is to always get you the best rates with the best companies.  So whether you are looking for chewing tobacco life insurance or any other type of high risk category we are able to work with the right companies to get you the best rates.  To get started with your own personal set of quotes use the form on the side of this page and one of our specialists in life insurance for chewing tobacco users will be available to help.

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