Is Life Insurance For Smokers More Expensive?

Smokers can get life insurance, but they will be likely to pay more for it. Younger adults may pay 15 to 20 percent more, but older adults may pay 50 to 100 percent more. Insurers know that smoking is associated with many serious diseases and a shorter life expectancy. Of course, the older people get, the more serious the risk becomes.

Do You Have To Tell Insurance Companies You Smoke?

smokers life insuranceYou can’t lie about smoking on your application either. Not telling the truth on an application could be considered insurance fraud. If you do die, insurers will want to know the cause of death. If they find out that you lied on your application, they won’t pay your beneficiaries. Besides, you could also get in legal trouble while you are alive.

Will Smoking Get Applications Declined?

Smoking becomes a really big problem for people who have other health issues. If you use tobacco and have other risks or medical conditions, you are more likely to have an application declined. If it does get accepted, you are likely to pay quite a bit more. So if you smoke, are obese, have diabetes, or have had a history of other health problems, you are likely to have a hard time finding good insurance at a low rate.

However, you can find some policies that don’t ask any health questions. They don’t charge different rates for smokers or nonsmokers either. They are likely to cost more than policies that people can get when they are very healthy and have very good health habits, but they might be a solution if you need life insurance.

What About Other Tobacco Use?

Typically, smoking includes all forms of tobacco use. If you only smoke a cigar twice a year, you may not need to consider yourself a smoker though. But if you smoke a cigar every day, you will get rated like a cigarette smoker. If you use tobacco or another nicotine product, but do not consider yourself a smoker, you should ask the insurance company for the right answer on the application.

What If You Quit Smoking?

If you quit smoking, call your insurer to ask if you can get nonsmoker rates. They usually want their clients to be smoke-free for at least a year, but after that time, they will offer to reduce your rates to those of a nonsmoker.

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