Banner Life Insurance Company Review

Banner Life Insurance Company has become one of the best life insurance companies to from which to purchase your life insurance coverage.  To help you get a grasp of the reliability of this company we put together a short review of Banner Life Insurance.

Banner Life Insurance Review – The History

Review of Banner Life Insurance imageGovernment Employees Life Insurance Company was chartered in 1949.  The company expanded and eventually decided to sell off their life insurance division and changed their name to GEICO.  GELICO sold the life insurance division in 1981 to Legal and General Group PLC.  The group changed the name just two years later to Banner Life Insurance Company.   Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland all subsidiaries of Legal and General Group PLC are underneath Banner, which represents L&G as their flagship.  With this strong financial base Banner has become one of the top life insurance providers in the United States.

Ratings for Banner Life Insurance Company

The most reliable ratings for life insurance companies are provided by A.M. Best.  Not all life insurance companies receive ratings from them but all of the best companies do.  When A.M. Best did their most recent review of Banner Life Insurance they gave them a rating of A+ for financial health of the company.  This is the next to the top rating, the highest being A++.  Any company that can get an A- or better is considered in great financial health.  We rate our companies on their customer service.  Our experience with Banner has been nothing but top of the line.  Our ratings give them five out of five stars for customer service.  With the financial stability and customer service to match, it is obvious why the made our list of best life insurance companies (learn about the other top life insurance companies HERE).

We hope this Banner Life Insurance Company review has been helpful in providing you more information.  If you are ready to get a set of life insurance quotes then use the form on this page.  More than likely, you will see Banner toward the top of the list of any quotes that you receive.  We only work with the top life insurance companies and are experts at helping people like you get the best policy for their needs.  Since we are an independent agency we are able to shop all the companies available in your area and match you with the right company.  Whether that is Banner or one of the other top companies depends on your personal needs.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please contact us.

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